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When Adults Should See An ENT In Port St. Lucie, FL

You’d probably just see your primary care doctor if you develop a fever or a sore throat; however, sometimes you need to turn to a specialist for care. If you are experiencing issues that impact your ear, nose, or throat you’ll want to be evaluated by an ENT specialist. Here at South Coast Ear, Nose & Throat, we pride ourselves on creating a comfortable, welcoming environment from which to provide the highest quality ear, nose, and throat care to patients of all ages living in and around Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, and the Okeechobee areas.

You Keep Getting Ear Infections

While the occasional ear infection probably won’t require a specialist’s care, if you or your child is dealing with recurring ear infections then you’ll want to find out what’s going on. Our ENT team can help you figure out why you keep dealing with ear infections, as well as provide you with the proper treatment you need. Persistent ear infections in adults can be a sign of chronic sinusitis, allergies, bacterial infections, or an injury to the ear. Rarer causes include growths or tumors of the throat, which a specialist is better equipped to handle than your typical family doctor.

You Have Allergies

Millions of Americans battle allergies. No matter whether your allergies are all year long or you deal with seasonal symptoms that are just brutal for months on end, the doctors at South Coast Ear, Nose & Throat can help you get your allergies under control. Sometimes you need something better than just those over-the-counter antihistamines, and our team can create the ideal treatment plan to help you enjoy your life without having to worry about your allergy symptoms. From medications and immunotherapy to simple lifestyle adjustments, we can provide you with what you need.

You are Dealing with Chronic Sinusitis

Most people don’t realize that sinusitis can become chronic for some people. It’s hard to imagine a simple sinus infection causing long-term issues but it can. People experiencing sinus infection symptoms for at least 12 weeks have a chronic form of sinusitis, which may not respond in the same way to certain over-the-counter medications that acute infections will. This is when our team can help you. We offer a variety of medications, therapies, non-surgical, and surgical options to help you breathe better and easier.

You Notice Changes in Hearing

While hearing loss might just seem like a normal part of aging, you mustn’t ignore changes in hearing (even as you age). If you notice that you’re having trouble hearing, or if you experience sudden hearing loss, this could be a sign of a serious infection or disease that requires immediate treatment from our ENT team. We can perform hearing tests to determine what’s going on and how to treat it.

If you are looking for an ENT doctor, the team at South Coast Ear, Nose & Throat provides treatment and care in Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, and Okeechobee. To schedule an appointment, call us at (772) 398-9911 , (772) 464-6055 , or (863) 357-7791 .