Frenoplasty or Frenulectomy

What is it? Tongue-tie is a condition in which the free movement of the tongue is restricted due to abnormal attachment of lingual frenulum towards the tip of the tongue. The frenulum may be too short and taut, or it may be attached too far along the base of the tongue. Tongue tie can cause feeding problems in infants, and may cause speech impairments as a child learns to speak.

Procedure: The following guidelines should help during the first week after surgery. Although individual responses vary widely following any operation, you (or your child) can expect to return to normal in about ten (10) days. Overall, the procedure of cutting the lingual frenulum is relatively simple, and babies may breastfeed immediately afterwards. Risks of frenoplasty/frenulectomy are very low but may include pain, bleeding, or infection. For children who do require frenoplasty/frenulectomy, we use a brief general anesthesia, and cautery to divide the frenulum. A few dissolvable stitches may be placed to re-approximate the mucous membrane of the tongue. The whole procedure takes approximately 15 minutes.

ACTIVITY : The child may resume regular activities the next day after surgery.

DIET : Soft diet for the first (1) day, depending on how the child is recuperating from surgery (avoid citrus and spicy food). Drink plenty of liquids.

MEDICATIONS : You may use Tylenol or Acetaminophen for pain management. You may resume any other medications that you use regularly.

Call the office if you are experiencing :

Excessive pain with inability to swallow.

Fever greater than 101.5.

Continuous bleeding or vomiting.

Be sure return for your follow-up appointment for post operative check.