Turbinate Reduction

The following guidelines should help during the first week after surgery. Although individual responses vary widely following any operation, you (or your child) can expect to return to normal in about five to seven (5-7) days.

AFTER SURGERY CARE : You or your child may complain of nasal congestion or crusting. Salt-water/Saline irrigation as needed can help to decrease these symptoms.

NASAL DISCHARGE : This may occur after surgery, if any profuse bright red bleeding that persists for more than twenty four (24) hours please report to your doctor.

ACTIVITY : Rest is encouraged the first one to two (1-2) days. You or you child may increase the level of activity as tolerated, but should avoid public places for the first four to five (4-5) days.

DIET : After discharge from the hospital or surgery center, adequate fluids are essential and may be given in almost any form such as water, soda, juice, jello or popsicles. Encourage fluids for at least ten (10) days. Soft foods are tolerated best at first and should be encouraged. Highly seasoned or very scratchy food should be avoided. Normal diet can be advanced as tolerated.

PAIN : Pain and discomfort varies with each patient after surgery. Minimal discomfort is normal. It may be noted as a slight sore throat and tenderness in the roof of the mouth. Medication may be prescribed to help control pain, take as directed. You may also use Tylenol or Acetaminophen.

BLEEDING : This occurs occasionally and is rarely serious. Bleeding typically occurs between days five to nine (5-9) postoperatively. Gargling or rinsing the mouth with ice water should stop the bleeding. If it does stop, nothing further needs to be done, except limit activity for about twenty-four (24) hours. If bleeding persists more than fifteen (15) minutes in moderate or large amounts, please contact us for further instructions. See contact information below.

FEVER : Very slight elevations of temperature during the first few days are usual. If the temperature is above 101.5 degrees, please contact us. See contact information below.

VOMITING : Nausea and vomiting may occur following anesthesia and usually clears after the first day. If persistent nausea and vomiting occurs after the first day at home, contact us .

INFECTION : This occurs rarely, typically five to nine (5-9) days after surgery. It is noted by a combination of cough, crusty yellow or green nasal drainage and fever. If this occurs, please contact us .