How Hearing Loss Can Change Your Lifestyle

If you suffer from hearing loss in Port St. Lucie, Okeechobee, and Fort Pierce, FL, it can cause significant changes in your life. The doctors of South Coast Ear, Nose & Throat can provide the diagnosis and treatment you need to maintain your lifestyle.

You May Not Want To Be With People

Social withdrawal and isolation are significant drawbacks of suffering from hearing loss. Considering how common it is, more common than cancer, diabetes, or vision loss, it impacts a lot of people. It is particularly impactful on the lives of those who are over 65. At this point in your life, you are likely no longer working and may have suffered the loss of your partner.  Having healing loss can make it awkward to be in a communal setting where it is almost impossible to follow conversations. When you have to ask people to repeat what they said time and time again, it makes you reluctant to be in group settings. 

Normal activities that you participate in can become the cause of stress. Attending church can lose its appeal when you can't understand the sermon. Frustration rises to a point where you begin to stay at home by yourself. 

It Can Affect Your Job Opportunities

If you are still working, applying for a new job or being able to interact with other employees can become difficult. Hearing is a vital part of communication on the job, and it can be unimaginably difficult to have to try to sell yourself at a job interview when you have to guess the questions that are being asked.

Can’t Use the Telephone

If you suffer from hearing loss you may find it difficult to use the telephone. Some phones can accommodate diminished hearing with higher volume levels or even produce captions, so you can read what others are saying, which can be helpful. Closed captioning can also allow you to enjoy your favorite TV shows.

Loss of Enjoyment

If you are a person who loves going to the movies, seeing live performances, or enjoying entertainment, you may end up frustrated and depressed. Luckily, there are some superb hearing aids that can help to filter out the background noise and allow you to enjoy conversations again.

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