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Allergies and ENT Health: Managing Symptoms Effectively

Ear, Nose, and Throat specialists, or ENTs, play a crucial role in your overall health by focusing on issues related to these vital sensory organs. When it comes to allergies, Read More

How Allergies Affect Your Sinuses

An allergy involves a reaction by your immune system, often to common substances. Sinusitis and allergies are often mistaken for one another. But they are two separate conditions. Most patients Read More

What Do I Do About My Allergies?

Are you suffering from allergies? Well, you're not alone. One in every six people in the United States suffers from allergies. If you are suffering from allergies, our Port St. Lucie, Fort Read More

Controlling Your Allergy Symptoms

Do you find that certain times of the year it’s difficult to go outdoors without developing watery itchy eyes or sneezing your head off? Does coming in contact with your Read More

What Is Pet Dander and Does It Affect My Allergies?

Dander is a common allergen made up of tiny flakes and particles of skin from common household pets like cats, dogs, birds and rodents. Dander is harmless to adults and Read More

When Should I Seek Help for My Allergies

It’s never too early to seek help for your allergies. Allergies can affect your way of life, at all times of the year. During springtime, you may feel the effects Read More

What Can I Do About My Allergies

You may have allergies that show up in the spring when plants are flowering and grass is growing. You’ve grown used to the itchy, allergies watery eyes and sneezing. But Read More

Viewing 1 - 7 out of 7 posts